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  1. খুবই বাস্তব মুখি Answers ...................

    খুবই বাস্তব মুখি
    Answers ................
    Article টি পড়ে খুবই ভাল লাগছে । এরকমের Trading টিপস আমাদের সব Trader দের অনেক উপকারে আসবে ।
  2. Sticky: |Forex vps | Cheap forex vps | Low latency vps


    Why Forex VPS is important for Trading?

    1. Get exclusive Forex VPS with affordable price that start from $3.5 USD.
    2. Boost your trade...
  3. The key driver of Forex movement is supply and...

    The key driver of Forex movement is supply and demand. As external influences change the amount of a particular currency in circulation or how much people want to hold it, its price will move. Here...
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    why forex traders fails?

    Traders fail due to many reasons some of them are stated here.First time traders mistake to take a proper decision on this business and start trading where there they not have enough support from the...
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    Why learning Forex?

    I am now getting close to a year since I got interested in Forex. With all the demo accounts that I have killed, forums I have joined, real money I have lost and expert traders I have talked to. I...
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    Forex is Job or Hobby?

    Forex is really a very good job. in this job you will find that it is very profitable and you can make lot of money from it. you have the chance to make money and you may lose for your mistake in...
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    How to identify the best forex strategy?

    It will require plenty of time until you determine the right strategy which works for you. Some traders may spend a few years to test, try and tweak their strategies until they achieve consistent...
  8. Should You Develop Your Own System or Strategy?

    Developing your own trading strategy has been tried by thousands of traders, resulting in many thousands of systems now available along with thousands of failures. To develop a fx trading system that...
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    Money Management...

    While Forex trading is tightly connected with analyzing the charts and the fundamental indicators, knowing where to enter and where to exit a position is not enough. Professional traders manage their...
  10. Advantages of Forex trading as a home-based business.

    There are some advantages of Forex trading including:

    - You can adapt your participation to your own schedule
    The Forex market is open for trading 24 hours per day, Monday through Friday, unlike...
  11. Do you think that the Forex depends on the talent or luck ?

    If we moved away from technical analysis, indicators and expert
    Can you Forex talent in person or is it luck
    And that at the time of the news and try to take advantage of them
    I think that Forex...
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