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    Cool Why learning Forex?

    I am now getting close to a year since I got interested in Forex. With all the demo accounts that I have killed, forums I have joined, real money I have lost and expert traders I have talked to. I come away with this conclusion.

    Trading Forex is a skill that has to be learned to a level of proficiency. You have to be humble and think of yourself as a kid in primary school just trying to understand the world around you. It can become confusing. Especially when you read or see a video with a guru telling you that everybody uses a technical tool the wrong way or most people donít have the guts to make it. You think of yourself as being one of those people because you almost always get it wrong.

    Of all the expert traders I have spoken to. All of them lost trades and some amount of money before they were able to become successful. In some cases it took them months and months of losing money before they actually felt comfortable about their trades. So I am not alone and just need to stay in there and develop the skills.

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    I really want to share that I never think learning Forex as my shortcut to get easy money. For me, learning Forex is the best way to learn about Discipline, Emotional Control, and Money Management. When I've mastered those three things, I believe(money) success will find a way.[QUOTE]I'm learning Forex for one thing "Money". It just needs time and patience to get it.

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