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    Should You Develop Your Own System or Strategy?

    Developing your own trading strategy has been tried by thousands of traders, resulting in many thousands of systems now available along with thousands of failures. To develop a fx trading system that actually works could take years and if you turn out to be wrong you are back to square one. The reason that these thousands of systems do not work is that they are all fundamentally flawed by being based on technical indicators, and the infinite possible number of combinations of these indicators.

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    Well, no trading system works for all people. Trading is personal. What works for me might not works for you based on your personality, and individual differences. The best thing is to know what works for you based on your personality and stick with it.

    Trading by indicators might not be best form of trading, but if a system offers 70-80% success rate, I think is better.

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    The development and selection of a trading strategy depends on many factors, for example, the type of trading assets and the way they are traded.

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