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    Who is the best?

    One thing that I know for certainty, itís best broker donít need to shout about themselves being the best, itís easily figured out by the stuff they offer. This is why FreshForex is called the best by people who have worked with them due to having top notch service plus mighty offering including 101% Trade Able Deposit Bonus! Itís what makes them truly standout!

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    Actually we need to see that, are we safe with investing fund. And always remember below points:

    1. Once you actually find a broker that you are interested in working with, open a demo account to try them out.

    2. Look around for Forex broker reviews, you can find Forex broker reviews here or on Forex forums etc. Make sure to read reviews from multiple sources.

    3. Google around. Of course, you can do google searches to find Forex brokers, but this method may not tell you much about the broker themselves. Make sure to read reviews, and try demo accounts to make sure you are comfortable with a Forex broker before committing a large sum of money to an account.

    4. Visit some Forex forums and get some input from people that are already trading. There is a wealth of experience hiding in Forex trading forums. This is one place that you can research both bad and good experiences with different Forex brokers.

    5. Last but not least Forex Scam(Market makers).
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